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Schedule Drop Off

Use our app or website to schedule a drop off in a few clicks

Drive to Terminal

We'll have a Genie waiting at your departure terminal

Proceed to Check-In

Drop off your car and head directly to check-in. No shuttle rides!

We'll Return Your Car

We return your car for you while you enjoy your flight


Easy Bookings

You can use our app or our website to schedule and modify reservations

Faster Airport Check-Ins

Save time by going directly to airport check-in. No need to wait in line when returning your rental

Avoid Missed Flights and Shuttle Rides

No more shuttle or train rides back to the terminal. We hate them and we know you do too

  • CurbGenie helped me avoid missing my flight when I was in NYC. Construction at LaGuardia makes traffic a nightmare, even on the shuttle so this service totally saved my behind.

    Andrew, LaGuardia Airport
  • Time-saver! Juggling two kids and luggage on my way back to the terminal is always a hassle. It was such a relief to drive right up to the curb and head to check-in instead of driving to the rental car area.

    Shelley, John F. Kennedy Airport
  • Great service and exactly what I need when traveling with my elderly grandmother.

    Shiva, John F. Kennedy Airport
  • So worth the money...I can't tell you how much I hate returning a car at the airport.

    Paul, LaGuardia Airport

About Us

We are a team coming together to make your car rental experience better. There are over 30 million cars rented at airports annually but the return process has been relatively unchanged in the past two decades. Returning a rental car at the airport requires a time-consuming trip to a separate rental area and a shuttle ride back while juggling luggage and family. We wondered, wouldn't it be easier to drop your rental curbside and head to check-in? Of course it would be and that's our mission.

Jonathan, Co-Founder

Jonathan is an avid traveler and has worked in the music industry for over 10 years. He is a successful music executive who has been instrumental in the success of many Billboard chart topping multi-platinum recording artists. Jonathan manages operations, marketing and our expansion efforts.

Colin, Co-Founder

Colin earned his MBA from NYU and holds a CPA license. He has worked in accounting and finance for over 10 years with Ernst and Young, AIG and Goldman Sachs. He has also built several apps in the App Store and is responsible for software development and operations.

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